My request to be excommunicated from the Catholic church


St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Medicine Hat
By Grapher78 (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a letter I sent to Bishop Frederick Henry, currently serving in the area where I grew up and was baptized as a Catholic.

Unlike most Protestant denominations, Catholics, like Mormons, keep an official list of all current church ‘members’, and I am not proud to count myself among them. I have toyed with the idea of attempting to officially excommunicate myself from the Catholic church before, but I’ve been hesitant. Would doing so be childish? Why would it be necessary? I already don’t believe, don’t practice, don’t give money, and don’t attend services. What does it matter if my name is on some list?

For one thing, it has symbolic power. The very act of taking this proactive step is liberating and exciting.

My religious upbringing was not anywhere near as bad as some of the horror stories I hear from conservative Christian evangelical and baptist communities in the United States. Though Catholicism was the dominant religion in the city where I grew up, and this certainly helped shaped the minds and homophobic attitudes of the people there. I went to the strange hybrid of public and Catholic schools that are for some reason allowed to exist in Canada. When my current partner told me that his high school had a gay-straight alliance – I couldn’t relate. At all. You meant that there were out gay people in your high school? And support for them? The word ‘gay’ was mentioned as something other than a derogatory term? This was completely outside my experience. The only thing we learned about gay people in school was the official Catholic party line – ‘it’s okay to have gay desires, but if you act on them, it’s a sin and you go to hell unless you repent.’

Obviously this is intensely personal for me, which is why I questioned my motives for writing this letter and for posting it publicly here. Is it some kind of vengeance? I think that has something to do with it, but more than that it is an emotional purging. It is a symbol of my withdrawal of any support – even just on paper – for an institution that has wronged me, and many others. This isn’t just about my personal distaste for Catholic anti-gay bigotry, the church has a strong history of being anti-human in quite a few areas.

Enough introductions. I will let the letter speak for itself.

Bishop Frederick Henry,

I was baptized in St. Patrick’s cathedral in Medicine Hat, Alberta, on Nov 13, 1988, and I was confirmed in that same church in a ceremony which you attended in 1999. I write seeking excommunication from the Roman Catholic church, in accordance with canon law: “1364: an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.” I request that my name be removed from all Catholic records, baptismal, confirmatory, or otherwise – and that I no longer be counted among official Catholic membership numbers or statistics.

I am an apostate. I do not believe that Jesus was the son of God. I have, and will continue, to publicly speak out against the church, whose authority I reject wholeheartedly. This letter, and all updates regarding it, will be publicly posted on my website. I am not certain that anything which could be called a god exists, but if it does, I am certain that the Roman Catholic clergy are almost entirely ignorant of its nature. There are few people I would trust less.

My faith, if it was ever there, never meant much to me. It always seemed irrelevant. I chose ‘Aaron’ for my confirmation name out of laziness and apathy. The two times I participated in confession, I lied, and made up ‘sins’ to confess, because I did not feel comfortable sharing my true wrongdoings with old men who were strangers to me, and whom I perceived as greedily wishing to know my darkest thoughts.

While we have many theological and philosophical differences, if I felt that the Roman Catholic church was simply a neutral institution of misguided, yet well meaning people, I could perhaps be content to simply not attend church (I haven’t for years) and privately not practice the faith. However, that is not my feeling or my conviction.

I, of course, recognize the wonderful efforts of various Catholic charity organizations around the world and the good works they do. However, as we are both well aware, your organization has a darker aspect to it that I would be remiss to ignore.

The systematic cover-up and implicit condonement of child rape committed by many catholic officials (not least of the whom is the former pope, Benedict XVI) is monstrous. To aid and abet these criminal rapists by firstly, not turning them over to the police, and secondly, allowing them to continue practicing as priests, is a moral evil so high that I scratch my head at how any of your churches still bring in parishioners. Any person who continues to support the Catholic church is complicit in these crimes, and by continuing to allow my name to be listed as a Catholic, I would be as well.

Your church is actively anti-human in its condemnation and suppression of the rights of homosexuals. This one hits closer to home for me, as I am gay. I attended Catholic schools. The positive effect the church could have had on my school life by simply accepting and advocating for gay youth is immeasurable. I might not have lived hidden and in shame for over 20 years. Luckily, I had enough moral sense that when I was told the official Catholic teaching on homosexuality, I did not question myself, I questioned the church.

In the future, I am planning to have children and raise a family, though I know that I will not be able to adopt through a Catholic organization. If they had their way, I would not be allowed to raise children at all. Unless I agreed to lie to myself and my loved ones, and make some unlucky woman my unfulfilled wife, your organization says I am unfit. I believe women deserve better than a husband who does not want them, and I deserve the kind of sex and love that fulfills me. To stray from my own truth would make me unfit.

Unlike what your bible says, I believe women are equal to men. I don’t believe unprepared straight youth should be rushed into marriage and parenthood because the church has a grudge against condoms and premarital sex. I believe women should have the right to make what I imagine is one of the most difficult decisions they may ever have to make – having an abortion – without resorting to the alleyway coat hanger affairs that are prevalent in areas where choice is illegal.

The knowledge that on some list somewhere, my name is being counted as a member of your criminal, hateful, misanthropic, misogynist and homophobic organization eats away at my soul. I ask that I be removed from all registries or lists which count me as a member of your church.


Aaron Moritz

 I will keep everyone updated on any responses I receive.

11 thoughts on “My request to be excommunicated from the Catholic church

  1. Austin Bell says

    I don’t need this for myself, but for Catholics wanting to get excommunicated could you make a copy of this with the personal info left out so we all don’t have to write these long and personal letters? i believe it would help people who don’t have time to write a letter, but feel sick because their names are being put in as catholic, but they aren’t.

  2. NIgel Brown says

    I have sent a letter similar to this to my Local Catholic Church in Brisbane and the response I got required me to go and see the Preist nearest to me and explain my reasons for wanting to leave the church in an official way. They would than consider if I was sincere and they would then perhaps allow me to be removed from the Catholic Church’s records. This seems a labourious and pointless process to me. I know that the following:

    Apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith. Heresy is the obstinate doubt or denial, after baptism, of a defined Catholic doctrine. Schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or the refusal to be in communion with members of the Church who are in communion with him (CIC 751).

    Violation of the sacred species is the throwing away the consecrated species of Christ’s body or blood or the taking or retaining of them for a sacrilegious purpose (CIC 1367).

    These are supposed to trigger automatic excommunication but it seems they want me to prove to them that there is no god so I can be allowed to leave the church…when I feel the onus is on them to prove their is a god and therefore why I should stay in the church.
    Nigel Brown

    • Jamie says

      That is absolutely pathetic (the church not you); The church has obviously failed you in convincing you that their is a god(or that their god is the correct/only god); why should it fall upon you in any respect to convince them that you don’t beliave in god..

      I am betting, if/when you go threw with there “meeting” they will spend the entire time “trying to save you” and then not excommunicate you “in-case you change your sinful ways and return to the church”

  3. Carla Munson says

    Below is a song written by a wonderful, intelligent man who was a dear friend, he was an atheist for most of his adult life before he saw the light of Jesus Christ. He sadly passed at the age of 56 of complications of lung cancer 10 years ago. I will always be inspired by this little inspirational song he wrote, with his classical guitar, while he was in a convalescent home.

    I’ve been living such a long, long time
    Hoping you’re a friend of mine
    Watching as the days go by wishing there’d be no more days to cry
    So if You’re listening, answer this prayer
    There are people in the world today staring out their lonely eyes
    Watching the sun rise but for a moment my heart dies
    So if You’re listening answer this prayer
    La, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, ooo, do, do, do, do, do
    Watching as the days go by wishing there’d be no more days to cry
    So if You’re listening, answer this prayer.

    To all of you who doubt the existence of God and Lord Jesus Christ, please know that even though you doubt or disbelieve, God and Jesus Christ will never forget you. God Loves You! You are forever in His hands of love, guidance and protection! There is scientific proof of miracles, the power of prayer, angels and Divine intervention.There are numerous testimonials of people who had died and come back from the dead seeing Jesus Christ, God, Virgin Mother Mary and beautiful angelic beings. Medical doctors have proof of these occurrences by their very own patients. Please don’t let the skeptics and the media attempt to destroy the truth! Heaven is for real! God is for real. Jesus is for real. And they watch over you all the time. You’re never alone!

    Glory and praise to our God!

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